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"Spirit of the Tree Dream Catchers"

"Spirit of the Tree of Life"

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

It is through the “Tree of Life” that we must give respect to our Mother Earth and all her creations on this planet. We must begin to think of nature as a part of the whole – not something separate from us, but apart of our survival on Mother.
The “Tree of Life” starts at the base of the tree with a medicine wheel that encompasses all mankind coming together to unit as one united race, respecting each others unique differences. 
At the mid point of the tree is a nest in which a four headed eagle sits over us giving off its powerful energy and its spirit that will guide and protect our spirits – if we believe. Above the eagles is the night sky with a display of the northern lights.
At the top of the tree is the moon looking down on us hoping that we will unit as one – to make a greater place to live on Mother Earth. 
That is the spirit of the Tree of life!

Nancy A. Luis - February 3rd, 2010