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.Eagle Dream Catchers

"The Seven Directions"

"Oh great mighty spirit in the sky, please help direct me to find the secrets of life; the secrets to succeed in life. 

You have directed me to the North where I see a great heard of Buffalo roaming the land. The Buffalo I sense has endured a great deal of destruction to where they once grazed for centuries. I feel a great sense of endurance from this animal. The kind of endurance and knowledge needed to survive for generations upon generations. 

I feel the cold winter days coming upon us. The buffalo will survive the winter as he has for generations of the past. Endurance and knowledge is what I need to succeed in life. I must learn this lesson from the Buffalo. 

From the North you direct me to the East. As I walk easterly I take notice of an eagle flying high in the sky. I feel the need to follow him as though he is directing me to the warmth of the rising sun; I sense he wants to show me the pathway to his journey, the journey to enlightenment. 

I watch the sun rise with a new outlook on life. I have been enlightened. I can see new life forms being born, free from all prejudice. Please all might Spirit show others of this enlightenment, so we can all live as one.

From the East you direct me to the South. As I walk Southerly, I feel the heat from the hot summer day. I spot a coyote having a drink of water by the riverside with the pack standing behind him. I can sense that he is the leader, the leader of his pack. The pack relies on him to make the right decisions. He is the wise one, he is cunning, he is not afraid to take chances. 

I too must learn the ways of the coyote. From the South you take me to the West. I feel a change in the air, from the hot summer days to the cool, crisp, autumn night air that has fallen upon us.

I have spotted a bear in the distance. I can sense his intuition; the intuition needed to survive the changing season ahead. I too must learn to listen to my intuition, the intuition of my soul. From the South I look down under my feet and all what surround me, its Mother Earth!

Oh my Mother Earth! Would we have a sense for direction if we had no place to exist? Mother Earth must not be forgotten. She is the very being for our existence. Mother Earth we must respect what you have given us. Mother Earth we must rejuvenate your gifts so the future generations may enjoy your gifts of life as we have. 

From Mother Earth I look up to the sky’s to thank the All Mighty Creator; the creator of our existence; the creator of mother earth, and all her living children on this planet, the children known as the gifts of life. All mighty Creator shows us the ways, the ways we can all live as one. We have not learned to live in peace. We have not learned to respect all living beings We have not learned to think of the 7th generation ahead of us Show us your ways, so the 7th generation can enjoy the gifts of Mother Earth as we do.

Finally I looked no farther then my Soul; my soul is the key to finding out about all life’s secrets. The secret to succeed in life lies within your soul. So listen to your soul and explore what life has to offer. Journey out to where your soul has never been and you will open up new experiences that will give you a new way of life.

Nancy A. Luis - April 17, 2008

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