Polar Bear Dream Catchers

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Polar Bear Dream Catchers
"Wisdom of the All Mighty Polar Bear"
"Up in the far North, we wander, looking for a new home, a home that has not evaporated into thin air.

We are the Great Mighty Polar Bears that live on the frozen Tundra of the far North. We once roamed for many hundreds of miles - in harmony and peace. We hunted the seal and many other species of fish. Now we are forced to stand on a strange land. We don't see any seal or fish on this strange land.

We are told that where we stand is a schoolyard. This is a place of learning, and teaching. They teach the children how to respect the environment and all living creatures, so why has my home melted away? Have they not learnt the lessons that were taught to them?

We continue to dig and dig, but nothing! There are no seals and fish under this strange land! Now what? What will we feed our young cubs? How long can we survive without food?

Our home, our food, and our way of life are vanishing at a point of no return - as too will our existence. We feel hot in this new place. Oh my great Creator, help us survive this crisis.

More importantly, Creator, show these humans what they are doing to our Mother Earth - our home, our survival, our existence as the Great Mighty Polar Bear."

Nancy A. Luis - July 12th, 2007
Size: 58" x 41.5"
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