Unique Dream Catchers

Nancy A. Luis is a unique Aboriginal Artists from Vancouver, BC.  Nancy was born and raised in the City of Vancouver.  In 1999 she attended the Native Education College in Vancouver, B.C.

Nancy's cultural education along with her trip to the Squamish Nation's "Witteness Program" in 1999 were life changing events.  From these programs Nancy designed her first unique dream catcher and her own unique stories began to be written.

Since then, Nancy has participated in the 2010 Winter Olympics where she was selected from many artists from across Canada to particpate in the Winter Games Aboriginal Artists Program.

More recently, Nancy has participated in Circle Craft Christmas Markets and Klahowya Village at Stanley Park's Train Rides.

Nancy's most recent work is her written story for the 2014's "The Journey of the Salmon" at Klahowya Village.  It is a must see journey not to be missed!