Grizzly Bear Dream Catchers

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Grizzly Bear Dream Catchers

“Spirit of the Vancouver Grizzly Bear” 

The “Spirit of the Vancouver Grizzly Bear” is inspired by Vancouver’s natural beauty and setting that surrounds the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, British Columbia. It is looking north from my East Vancouver home that I had the idea to design the two Lions Mountains into the bear’s ears. The one idea soon became the entire bear with each part of the bear representing many of Vancouver’s lower mainland land marks.

From the ears I went to the night sky going across the ridge of the bears back. Below the sky line is the three local mountains of Cypress, Grouse, and Seymour Mountains. Cypress Bowl is situated at the top corner of the bears back. Grouse Mountain is situated just above the eagle in around the centre of the bears back. Seymour Mountain is situated towards the back end of the bears back. The green beads below the ski hills represent the natural beauty that is displayed year round across our North Shore Mountains. Flying across the North Shore Mountains is one of many eagles in the area. Below the eagle are two wolves going on a journey through Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet.

The Centre divide of the bear’s body is the Lions gate bridge going from Vancouver to the North Shore Mountains. The divide between the bears body and head has the Capilano River with spawning salmon returning to the river to complete their cycle of life. The Bears head consists of the moon as the eye and below it is the Pacific Ocean. The bear’s snout represents the area of UBC in Vancouver. The bottom edge of the bear’s underbelly represents the Sea Wall in Stanley Park and East Vancouver’s water front shore line. The bear’s gigantic legs represent the remaining Old Growth Trees that are still standing in our beautiful Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver. Finally the bear’s tail is a representation of Vancouver’s outer district of Ioco just East of Vancouver. Ioco is a beautifully nestled in the forest of Vancouver’s outer city limits.

This bear is a representation of Vancouver’s urban lifestyle smack in the middle of our wild life’s traditional homelands. It is my intention to point out to mankind that we do not own the environment - we are only a part of it. It is our responsibility to respect the wild life’s path ways that they have journeyed on before modern mans foot print ever stepped upon it. We can learn to live as one for the greater power of us all – even mankind.

Nancy A. Luis

Size: 58" x 41.5"

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