Thunderbird Dream Catchers

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Thunder Bird Dream Catchers

"Spirit of the Thunderbird"

The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

"Spirit of the Thunderbird dream catcher was designed and made in the winter of 2009. The legend of the Thunderbird was told by Squamish Nation Elder Agi Paul who is from the Thunderbird Clan. It is through Agi’s generosity and permission that I tell her Ancestors legend through the display and creativity of my art inspired by her legend of – “Spirit of the Thunderbird”.

The Thunderbird being the highest of all totems gives off tremendous and extraordinary powers and energy. The Spirit of the Thunderbird was designed for the coming together of Mankind from all four corners of Mother Earth – to work together for the greater power and survival of our Mother Earth and ALL her creations! 

The Thunderbird has many unique powers such as the ability to see any approaching enemies with all seven of its eyes! The thunderbird’s many eyes can be seen starting from the crown of its head; Thunderbirds eye; one on each wing; one on each sea serpent; and the Killer Whales eye.

The Thunderbirds most unique and greatest power source of all is the enormous power and energy of the thunder! This thunder is displayed coming from the Mother Earth’s four colours of mankind. It is each colour of mankind that will have the ability to see this vision and create the power to be shared equally for the greatest power of all – love, peace and tranquility for our entire Mother Earth.

Spirit of the Thunderbird not only has it’s own energy but that incredible power of the Spirit of the Killer Whale, Spirit of the Double Headed Sea Serpent; Spirit of the Four Colours of Mankind Red, White, Yellow, and Black; and of course Spirit of Mother Earth!

It is Mother Earth’s natural resources such as her water, land, and air that all three of the power animals have come together in unison to show mankind what it means “to live together as one”.

It is the magnificent Killer Whale that gracefully glides through the tides of our oceans; the Double Headed Sea Serpent’s unique ability to adapt to the land or Sea; and the Thunderbirds enormous power of flying high in the skies from the North to the South Pole in a matter of seconds. The power these animals have generated is the innate ability to adapt to their environments to live together as one.

That is “Spirit of the Thunderbird”!"

Nancy A. Luis - October 7th, 2009

Size: 65.75" x 67.75"