Moon Dream Catchers

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Moon Dream Catchers

"The Energy Within"

“The moon that sits so high in the night sky has a gaze of wonder, what is going on down there on Mother Earth?

I give off the energy needed to grow food but it doesn’t seem to be enough. The forests that have grown for centuries are torn down to make a dollar for today but what about tomorrow, and the next day? 

Have they given any wonder of where they will get their oxygen supply? The animals that thrived in these forests are gone too. They were the food and clothing source for survival. 

The oceans that thrived with many species are now polluted. Do the humans not realize this pollution will destroy their life on Mother Earth? Another food source gone; I sense hunger - what will they eat now? 

All mighty creator, I will continue to radiate my energy down to Mother Earth but help the humans understand, my power can only help those who will help themselves. The power to change is the greatest power of all.” 

Nancy A. Luis  - April 12th, 2004

Size: 14" all around

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