I was sick to my stomach in many ways when I heard about Minnesota Wild's Clayton Stoner's Bear Kill in BC.

The first reason is by far the worst - our government has legalized Bear Killing in BC!  Just how much money do they make from these kills to begin with?  Is our wild life really protected here in BC?  I think not!

The other thought that comes to my mind is HOW can anybody in their right mind want to kill any defenceless living creature just for the sake of killing it?  Not to mention savagely cutting off the bears head for a photo opt!

In my books that is called murder!

The other thing that comes to my mind is if a bear attacks mankind we go searching for the bear and kill it.  Why do the bears not have the same protection too?  Do we think we are superior to wild life and that we can just go out and shot something for the fun of it?

I hope Vancouver Canuck fans let Clayton Stoner know what we think of his savage killing spree the next time he comes to play in Vancouver.

As far as our government we must begin to petition the government to stop this murderous rampage in our back yard - British Columbia.

All my relations,

Nancy A. Luis