Legal Bear Kill In BC

1 comments — posted 2013 Sep by Nancy A. Luis

I was sick to my stomach in many ways when I heard about Minnesota Wild's Clayton Stoner's Bear Kill in BC.

The first reason is by far the worst - our government has legalized Bear Killing in BC!  Just how much money do they make from these kills to begin with?  Is our wild life really protected here in BC?  I think not!

The other thought that comes to my mind is HOW can anybody in their right mind want to kill any defenceless living creature just for the sake of killing it?  Not to mention savagely cutting off the bears head for a photo opt!

In my books that is called murder!

The other thing that comes to my mind is if a bear attacks mankind we go searching for the bear and kill it.  Why do the bears not have the same protection too?  Do we think we are superior to wild life and that we can just go out and shot something for the fun of it?

I hope Vancouver Canuck fans let Clayton Stoner know what we think of his savage killing spree the next time he comes to play in Vancouver.

As far as our government we must begin to petition the government to stop this murderous rampage in our back yard - British Columbia.

All my relations,

Nancy A. Luis

"A Vision For The Future"

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 A Vision for the future was created to bring awareness of the rapid erosion that is taking place on our Mother Earth and to ALL her creations.  We have to remind ourselves that we share Mother Earth and we must begin to be aware of all our surroundings.  We have to  do better to take care of her.  We must rethink our past habits and change our ways that will sustain our Mother Earth and ALL her creations, and yes even our own existence.

"We are all one"

All my relations,

Nancy A. Luis - Aboriginal Creeations 


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This morning I heard a news report that there were two more bears shot dead in the lower mainland of Vancouver, B.C.  We humans are consistently pushing the boundaries of the wild life habitat for our quest to live in the lower mainland of Vancouver, B.C.

We must remind our selves that "the bear is not in your yard - we are in the bears yard!"

We must work harder to keep our bears from getting shot dead.  Lock up your garbage and clean off your bbq after its use! 

We are all part of this entire web of life on our Mother Earth!

Please do your part for our bears and the entire Mother Earth and all her creations :)

All my relations,

Nancy A. Luis

"A New Beginning - Peace on Earth"

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 Today was one of the most beautiful days at Klahowya Village in Stanley Park!  

As the sun warmed the Village, my daughter Jenna and I met many visitors from around the world, local people, and the occasional celebrity some of which came to my booth "Aboriginal Creeations".

Many of the visitors that we met at our booth added a bead to "A New Beginning - peace on earth" dream catcher.  

The people of the world are now in the process of completing the second dream catcher and once complete they will hang in Klahowya Village with all the messages of peace, respect, and love for our Mother Earth and ALL her creations.

A small example of some of the messages left by people of the world are: "Peace within - Peace among - Peace between" - Coquitlam B.C.; "I am proud to contribute to this beautiful piece of culture in art - Hannah"; "live in peace forever and always I'm from Mississauga".  

There are many more messages written from all people around the world such as Germany, France, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, China, India, USA, Philippines, and Canada, just to name a few. 

I would like to thank all the people that came to Klahowya Village and all those who contributed to "A New Beginning - peace on earth" dream catchers.

I hope you all have a safe journey in life and that all your messages of peace will be heard around the world - and more importantly - be carried out.





The People of the World

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 This past weekend I participated in the "Klahowya Village" located at the train ride in Stanley Park in Vancouver British Columbia Canada.

There I met many people of the world, all on a common journey - to enjoy a beautiful park and to see what the Aboriginal People of Klahowya Village have to offer.  

Many people enjoyed the "Spirit Catcher Train Ride"; traditional dancers, singers, & drummers; traditional aboriginal home cooked food; traditional Interrupted aboriginal cultural tours; and many of the finest artist from around British Columbia.  

Most importantly - many people enjoyed the park in peace and harmony with each other!  

Many people that visited my booth, Aboriginal Creeations, contributed to "A New Beginning - Peace on Mother Earth" dream catcher.   The dream catcher consists of the four colours of mankind from around the world which are red, yellow, black, and white.  Each person then added one clear glass bead.  When finished, the dream catcher will consist of the many spirits from around the world that came together to live in peace and harmony.  When this project is complete (in about a week) it will hang in Klahowya Village with all the messages of Peace left by the people of the world. 

Come to Stanley Park next weekend to add your message of peace and add your bead to the cause of peace on our Mother Earth!  It will be a "New Beginning for the World here on Mother Earth".

Peace be with you all on your journey here on Mother Earth!

Nancy A. Luis

The Journey

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Deep in the old growth forest of British Columbia, Canada I began my journey – a journey that would open my mind, soul, and heart to our survival – and the survival of our entire Mother Earth and ALL her creations. It is the ancient giant trees that once stood so tall for thousands upon thousands of years - only to be cut down for a few dollars of today. What about tomorrow? Then what?

More importantly, how will our animals survive without the entire forest? What about the moss, the bees and the water ways? Oh my! We must learn to preserve our entire Mother Earth and all her creations. We have now seen the effects of our actions that have resulted with global warming. Our ice caps that have melted never to return; our ocean’s life that have vanished forever; and the animals and other living creatures that have become homeless after a clear cut. Where will they go? How will they survive?

We must look 7 generations ahead before we make such decisions to act so drastically. Will our actions of today be sustainable into the 7th generation from now? Will we have food to eat? Water to drink? Or most importantly air to breathe? 

Please feel free to read the stories that I have written through the animals spirits that have come to me through my dreams, intuition, and life experiences on my journey here on Mother Earth. 

All my relations - Nancy A. Luis